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November 2017

Ask the child if she/he is being bullied by other kids. Watch for different behavior from the child. Talk to the child's teachers. Then sit down with the child and talk to him/her about bullying and what it is.

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Also find out what the school's bullying policy is.  There should be a form available to be filled out and turned in each time an incident happens.

Only about 1/3 of bullying cases are actually reported. Kids don't tell adults for many reasons: 

  • Bullying can make a child feel helpless.
  • Kids may want to handle it on their own to feel in control again. They may fear being seen as weak or a tattletale.
  • Kids may fear backlash from the one who bullied them.
  • Bullying can be a humiliating experience. Kids may not want adults to know what is being said about them, whether true or false. They may also fear that adults will judge them or punish them for being weak.
  • Kids who are bullied may already feel socially isolated. They may feel like no one cares or understands.
  • Kids may fear being rejected by their peers. Friends can help protect kids from bullying, and kids can fear losing this support.
As a parent of having my children bullied in school. I had two unfortunate out comes. My now adult daughter was bullied in middle school. Her father and I advocated for her. We were told that a close watch would be taken on the bullies. However, these bullies were still able to find away to attack my daughter in the hallway. To make a long story short, it seemed that my daughter was the one that ended up being punished, she ate her lunches in the office, she had staff walk her through the halls. She was so humiliated. The bullying never ceased. We ended up home schooling her. She graduated and went on to get her AA Degree in college.


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