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Camps aren't limited to summer. Take a look at these Fall camps opportunities. All of these are offered through Sylvan Learning Center in Johnston. If you know of other fall camps, please add them to this discussion. Call Jordan at 515-867-8000  for more information on these camps.


Bot Lab 101 (grades 2 – 4)                                   

September 21st - 24th 5-7PM, October 19th - 22nd 4-6PM

Get introduced and stretch your imagination with the amazing world of robotics by building and programming robots with friends, while learning problem solving skills and engineering concepts. $225

Bot Lab 201 (grades 4-6)                                                      

October 12th - 14th, 5-7 PM

Experiment with advanced STEM concepts, create and bring to life sophisticated robots based on themes such as Safari Adventures and Movie Stunt Sets. $225

Game Design 101 (grades 3-5)                                            

October 5th - 8th 5-7PM, October 26th - 29th 4-6PM

Get familiar with programming by designing and building 2D video games from start to finish, including animated players, music and sound effects. $225

Game Design 201 (grades 6-8)                                            

September 28th - October 1st 5-7PM      

Build a strong foundation of programming skills by building a different type of video game each day – complete with game logic and physics. $225


Write on!: Explore creative writing (grades 3-5)                

November 7th 9-11AM, November 14th 9-11AM

In this two hours course, your child will have fun engaging in different roles as authors, while practicing and improving writing skills. Your student will write as a newspaper reporter, an advertiser or a movie critic! $40 

Read Ahead: Early Reading Fun (ages 3 and 4)                         

September 9th - October 7th, 9-11AM

Join us for a fun approach for your child to build early reading skills. This camp will help your student recognize and write capital and lowercase letters, build listening comprehension skills, and increase book awareness! $105       

Multiplication/Division (grades 3-5)

September 28th - October 1st 4-6PM, December 7th - 10th 5-7PM

Students will understand the concepts behind multiplication and division to increase speed  and accuracy of basic facts. $110

Addition/Subtraction (grades 1-3)                                       

October 5th - 8th 4-6PM

 A fun approach for your child to improve basic understanding of addition and subtraction skills, while increasing speed and accuracy. $110

Fit4Algebra (grades 6-9)                                                       

October 12th - 15th 4-6PM

Students will use an engaging mix of activities to ensure math muscles are strong, fit, and        ready for algebra! $149

Advanced Reading Skills (grades 8-12)                                      

November 7th, 14th, and 21st 8-12PM

Help your child prepare for finals, the ACT or just going to College!  This is a “speed reading” course to improve reading speed and comprehension. Students are guaranteed to increase their effective reading rate by at least 50%!  $149

Test Taking Strategies (grades 9-12)                  

November 30th - December 3rd 5-7PM, December 14th - 17th 5-7PM OR December 5th, 12th, and 19th 9-11:30Am

"I ALWAYS do bad on tests!" Does this sound familiar at your house? Learn ways to overcome the negativity when it comes to testing! During the test taking camp, students will develop techniques and learn strategies to become an overall better test-taker. They will create a personalized checklist for test preparation and adapt preparation methods to six different styles of tests.  $110

Organization and Time Management (grades 6-8)             

September 21st - 24th 5-7PM, November 16th - 19th 5-7PM OR September 19th, 26th, and October 3rd 9-11:30

Does your student need help with organization? Does their backpack look like a tornado went through it?! This is the camp for them! Students will develop better organizational strategies while becoming more efficient with the use of their time. $110

Math Word Problems Problems? - We can help! (grades 4-6)             

October 10th 9-11AM, November 21st 9-11AM

Does your child struggle with word problems? They are not alone! Attend this 2 hour session and come away with a simple 4 step strategy to successfully attack word problems! $40

Organization Bootcamp!                                      

September 12th 9-11AM, September 19th 9-11AM, OR October 3rd 9-11AM

Does your child start out the school year organized but a month later they have papers everywhere - and homework nowhere to be found? Have them bring in all of their school materials and we will help get them on the right path. In this bootcamp, your student will learn how to use their planner and hear how others get and stay organized. $40


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