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Has your child ever gone to summer camp? If so, which camp did they attend? What was their favorite part about camp? What was their least favorite part? Share your camp experiences with us!

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I remember going to camp when I was younger. My first sleep away camp was Camp Tahigwa in Decorah, between third and fourth grade. I went to sports camp, although I had no interest in sports, but my friend was going to sports camp so that's why I decided to go. We were able to share a cabin, though we had to share it with another girl we didn't know. I remember she was a big bully and made fun of me. I don't remember all the details, just that she wasn't very nice.

My Camp Tahigwa experience was not a good experience. We weren't allowed to call our parents, though we were able to send them post cards. I also remember receiving a post card from my mom during the week.

Additionally, since I was at "sports" camp, my mom wanted me to wear protective goggles. (Like these, though they were purple and bulkier). My counselor apparently wasn't familiar with these goggles, so she thought there was something adjusted incorrectly on them. She took them off my face and ended up breaking them because she didn't know. 

All and all, it was not a good experience. Plus, we didn't really play sports. We mainly played frisbee and tag. 

A few years later I went to Camp Koinonia, which is a church camp near Parkersburg and had a great experience. Everyone was so nice, and I never felt judged because I couldn't do everything like the other kids. I have bad hand and eye coordination, so I struggle with threading beads and other craft activities. I was never laughed at or belittled. 

It's important to find the right camp for your child. I went to Camp K for four years and had a great time each year.  

I do think summer camp is an experience every child should have, so don't let the bad experiences scare you!


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