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November 2017

As a parent with a vast array of children with special needs, I am just curious what forms of discipline others use.

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Are we talking discipline  or punishment? Discipline is about teaching a preferred behavior. The first thing I've learned that every child is different even if they have the same diagnoses. Therefore discipline should be individually  tailored to their needs. For example, with my 16year old who out weighs me by 50pounds and gets loud and prone to cussing and wanting to engage in violence when angry or gets hysterical and cries uncontrollably  when frustrated, I get a low voce and tell her just breathe very deeply and go to her room and chill. I personally don't care if she destroys her room. It's a battle I don't care to fight. She realizes anything destroyed by her will not be replaced by me. If she wants it she has to earn it. I have strong boundaries and se knows it. If she crosses them, there is work therapy-chores, chores, and Moore chores. Phones and computers and tablets are taken away. Great motivators. A teenager would rather be immersed in a boiling pt of oil than lose tour social media devices.

With my niece who is 8 and has ODD and is prone to tantrums, screaming, kicking, I try to make myself very small and never tower above her. I talk to her very calmly about what's she's feeling and why. Then I try to tell her the truth of the matter. Many times she's just feeling threatened or misunderstood. If she has hurt someone she must go to time out until she can tell me what she should have done better and then she must apologize to the offended.


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