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Sept 30 Train to Inspire Fully accessible Obstacle Course

For kids and adults, come try out the Train to Inspire Obstacle Course.

IF you can, volunteer to help! Find out more by going to this link: Train%20to%20Inspire%20Obstacle%20Course%20flier%2007%2026%2017.pdf


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August 29, 2017

The compassion and generosity of the American people is never more evident than during and after a disaster. It is individuals, non-profits, faith- and community-based organizations, private sector partners, and governmental agencies working together that will most effectively and efficiently help survivors cope with the impacts of Tropical Storm Harvey.

Please follow a few important guidelines below to ensure your… Continue

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HOW TO video series from NCHPAD

The National Center for Health, Physical Activity and Disabilities (NCHPAD) has a series of on-line video you might find interesting:

  • Choose a wheelchair
  • Hop a curb
  • Pop a wheelie
  • Ride an escalator
  • and more....

Meet Mary Allison Cook. She is a wife, professional, and 8 time member of the US Women's Wheelchair Basketball Team.  With 23 years of experience as a wheelchair user, Mary Allison will answer all of your questions and more…


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OrbiTouch -a different keyboard

The OrbiTouch is new key board that you might think about if a regular keyboard doesn't work.

The 2 domes are moved to type a…


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A voice of thier own

Many have watched and enjoyed the TV show this year "Speechless". 

If so, you might also be interested in the progress being made with digital speech.

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What Do Youth Workers Have to Know about the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)?

PYD Network Webinar/Meeting

 What Do Youth Workers Have to Know about the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)?…


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Northeast Elementary in Ankeny is a "National Blue Ribbon" School

How would you like to live just half a block from a “National Blue Ribbon” School?    According to the Des Moines Register, Northeast Elementary in Ankeny received this award for raising achievement among students with Individualized Education Programs (IEP)’s.    In Iowa, on average, 32.31 percent of students with IEPs are proficient in reading and math, but at Northeast, 75.86 percent were proficient when they were awarded this honor.

Northeast Elementary has also…


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Used assistive technology devices - buy or sell

The Iowa Assistive Technology Exchange Program, formerly known as the Used Equipment Referral Service, is a  free on-line listing of used devices that people are selling and looking…


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Summer Camp responsibilities under ADA

Article from NE ADA center

With summer upon us, camp season is about to begin. In May 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) along with U.S. Attorney's offices nationwide, issued a notice reinforcing the importance of inclusion when it comes to summer camps (link here:…


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Project Search in Waterloo on Channel 7 The Steele Report

Catch a few minutes of Ron Steele’s “The Steele Report” on Sunday morning and he was interviewing two individuals from Waterloo involved with Project SEARCH to the Waterloo area. Cool that he was showcasing their work in providing training and creating meaningful work opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.  You can still watch the segment from the website.   …


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Accessible Hiking, Camping and Fishing? WOW!

Really WOW!!  Wilderness on Wheels has been operating for over 30 years in Colorado.  And WOW for what is going on there!   Check it out at …


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Travel related devices and AT

There is an interesting article in New Mobility about travel related devices.

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Order Books for next year??? YES --- NOW

It is already time to order alternative format textbooks for the 2017-2018 school year!

It takes time to get all the books across the state ready for the start of school. They cannot all be done in August.

Alternative formats include Braille, large print, audio and digital text. Simply put, if your child doesn't have the textbook when school starts >>> how are they going to learn, keep up and get a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE)



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Vibra vibrating watch with 12 alarms

You can set up to 12 daily alerts on the Vibra watches.  This would be good tool to increase independence and safety at home, school or work. The watch can be set to vibrate, make a sound or both.  They come in a variety of looks to match your child’s age and likes.…


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Cell phone alerting device – for persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing


Cell phone texting can be a huge deal for staying connected for teens who are Deaf  or Hard of Hearing. This cell phone sensor is activated when a mobile phone or tablet screen lights up, for example from an incoming call or message. Place it on top of the mobile device and…


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Adjustable gas cap tool – for your student driver and others

This handy tool is designed to fit over the raised bar that is present on the top of all gas caps. There are multiple grooves in the head of the gas cap tool so that the tool may be grabbed at different angles. This Gas Cap Removal Tool comes with two attachments in order to…


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Turn you TV flat screen into a touch screen

Using the $300 Touchjet Wave you can turn your flat screen TV into a HUGE touch screen for your child’s homework, work or fun. Learn more at  

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Freedom Wand

The FreedomWand® is a personal hygiene aid that helps people with limited range of motion or who have difficulty reaching while toileting, bathing, shaving, and applying ointment. The FreedomWand can assist people who struggle with spinal/back injuries, arthritis, carpal tunnel,…


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Meet "Julia" on Sesame Street

The longtime children's favorite will be introducing a new character "Julia" to the crew of colorful characters.  Along with her bright hair, Julia has Autism.  WIth Julia "in the neighborhood" Sesame Street is hoping to raise children's awareness and understanding of how Autism may effect some of their other friends.  Read the full story…


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Voice Banking with an Apple iPad

While this is written about ALS, it would also work to voice bank for any progressive disease  OR   to have a child’s voice for your child.

With some diseases progresses, like ALS, many lose the ability to speak.  While it is possible to use a variety of communication devices, losing your personal voice can be devastating.  A new strategy called “voice banking” allows people who know that their voices will deteriorate to preserve their own words and phrases electronically and…


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