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July 2014 Blog Posts (12)

Waterwear for you iPad or tablet


We all know iPads and Tablet PCs are…


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And another cuttin tool

Scissor Mouse – I found this at Walmart and on-line. It cuts strips of paper, if that is needed for a project.  Basically, you hold the paper down on the table with one hand, and sit the Scissor Mouse…


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Health and Human Service System Changes: Integrated Health Homes survey

The following are questions regarding Iowa's Health and Human Service System changes with Integrated Health Homes. You might be a person with a disability, a family member, caregiver, friend or professional. As an effort of the Iowa Olmstead Consumer Taskforce in collaboration with other advocacy groups, we are reaching out and collecting information to reflect both the positive experiences and difficulties Iowans are facing with Health and Human Service systems change. With this information,… Continue

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Did You *LIKE* It?

Did you find an awesome resource on FIND or read an inspiring blog post? Make sure to LIKE the post. This not only tells the poster that you enjoyed their post, but it also allows you to easily find the post at a later date.…


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Try cutting a different way!

Adapt a Cut  …


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24 Years of ADA

This Saturday, July 26, marks the 24th anniversary of enactment of the the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was in-part led by Iowa Senator Tom Harkin. Read this Infographic for more details about the Act, and then share with how your life has been affected by this act in the comments. What did you learn from this Infographic. 

*Note: This infographic is not created by FIND or ASK Resource Center. Citation is available at the bottom of the infographic. …


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Adventureland Vacation Winner

Congratulations to Melissa Thomas, our Adventureland vacation winner! What a beautiful family! Melissa will receive 4 two-day tickets to Adventureland and 200 Adventure Points. Join us in wishing her congratulations! …


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No more crying over spilt milk!

Magic Tap is the spill proof automatic drink dispenser making it so much easier to get your drinks. It fits right over your milk jugs, juice bottles and containers, the silicone universal cap fits most tops. Magic Tap works like a straw sucking up the liquid and…


Added by Jane Gay on July 16, 2014 at 6:00am — 3 Comments

Get everyone involved in heatly meal prep!

A simple chopper can let your child help in the kitchen. It makes easy work of onions, vegetable, herbs, nuts and more.  Just press the soft knob and the blades rotate for even chopping. You can chop things in the enclosed cup or remove the base and chop directly on a cutting board. This is great for any age!…


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How to Create a Group

How to Create a Group

Groups are a useful tool provided on FIND for members to gather in one area to discuss specified topics that are relevant to the group of individuals. Anyone can create a group on FIND, and this tutorial will go over how to do so.

First, go to the "Groups" tab in the navigation bar.…


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Tags - The Why & How

TAGS: The How & Why

Hashtag this, hashtag that – you’re seeing them everywhere: on the morning news, on your favorite restaurant’s menu, even at your dentist’s office. HashTAGS are everywhere. And if you’re not using them, you’re missing out!

So, what exactly are hashtags, and why should you be using them? Well, literally, a hashtag is the pound (#) symbol, which is located on the 3 key on the standard American keyboard. Though, if you are like most…


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Hipkey - lets you know when your child

HipKey™ is a revolutionary new product that helps you keep an eye on your valuables >> in this case your child. Simply put the small locator disc in your child’s pocket or attach to a belt loop. You will be notified if your child runs too far away, you set the distance.  And then will help you locate the…


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