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November 2015 Blog Posts (7)

Autism Internet Modules AIM

Something for you are to recommend to your child's teachers and service providers.

AIM is designed to provide high-quality information and professional development for anyone who supports, instructs, works with, or lives with someone with autism. Each module guides you through case studies, instructional videos, pre- and post-assessments, a glossary, and much more. AIM modules are available at no cost. If you are a professional and would like to…


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Activities for Kids: Activities for Nonverbal Children

Communication is key for all relationships, and the lack of speech can hinder the way children interact with their peers and caregivers.  Being nonverbal is often associated with…


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37 shopping days - or is that 36??

Obviously not my thing! But here is possible fun solution for child who cannot sit still.

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Speech recognition in a group setting.

Being included is really important, but very difficult for persons who are deaf at group events like  parties, family dinners, work gatherings, or school study session.

 This app isn’t ready yet, but very interesting concept that hopefully will be ready soon.  

Researchers have developed the first mobile app to make group conversations possible between deaf people and their hearing peers. The Transcense app “listens” and interprets conversations, providing real-time captioning.…


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Announcer communication device

The Announcer with 6 Levels ($331.95 Enabling Devices) has turned out to be a versatile low-technology communication device for emerging communicators with…


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10 Things you should know for National Disability Employment Month, a project of USODEP (Office of Disability Employment Policy) publishes a monthly newsletter called Disability*Connection. This month's publication focuses on National Disability Employment Awareness Month, it's purpose, history and annual campaign "My Disability is ONE part of who I am."

Click here to read the newsletter and check out…


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