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Are We Teaching Our Kids to be Mean?

TV and movie violence.  Outrageously bad celebrity behavior as entertainment.  Political campaign ads.  Road rage.  It seems that unkind, hostile, and aggressive behavior is becoming not just more acceptable, but popular.  Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think so.  We talk – and blog and text and tweet – about a lack of civility in politics and public discourse.  The TV and movie comedies we watch at are often base on insult humor – on putting down someone for a laugh.  As a society we seem…


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How to Live Chat with Us

Live chats are a great way to meet and interact in real time with others on the network. This tutorial will describe how you can the live chat, and how to use the chat feature.

When the chat is enabled, you will see the "Chat" button in the navigation bar. Click on the "Chat" button.…


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Photo Contest Rules

FIND Photo Contest Rules

FIND Photo Contest Rules

These rules apply to all FIND-sponsored Photo Contests

Note: All FIND contests are organized…


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How to Create a Blog (and add a Picture)

How to Create a Blog with Pictures

Blogs are a great tools people all over the Internet use to communicate with each other.

What is a blog? It functions somewhat like a public journal. You can blog about virtually anything. Here are just a few examples:

  • Your family vacation story. 
  • Tips and tools you've learned. 
  • Your expertise and knowledge.
  • Your favorite assistive…

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RESPECT Trainings

ASK Logo  

The Iowa Department of Education & ASK Resource Center are partnering to bring FREE Dispute Resolution Training (R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Training) to 4 locations across the state!   …


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Web Site Cautions

As a research-minded person, I am on the computer for several hours a day several days a week.  In my recent efforts to locate information about websites that are dangerous for adolescents and teenagers, I found a few that parents must be aware of in order to monitor the activity of their child(ren) on-line. These websites promote behavior that is not healthy for adults, let alone children, and promote unhealthy life habits.…


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Welcome to FIND. Join the Conversation!

This site has been designed to give families of children and youth with disabilities a new way to make important connections – anytime, anywhere.  The FIND team hopes you will use this virtual social gathering place to:

  • FIND and connect with other parents with similar issues, interests, and experiences
  • FIND, create, and join groups of interest
  • FIND information about issues, events, and trainings
  • FIND family resources across the state
  • FIND a…

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Conflict Resolution

It was about the last thing Linda Biermann wanted to do: raise conflict. Sometimes it is easier to live by the adage: “Go along to get along.”

But Linda, who lives amid the rolling hills near northeast Iowa’s Tripoli (pronounced Trip-Oh-La), knew her problem wasn’t going to go away unless she…


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Support the Target, YES! But the Bully?

It takes courage to report a bully incident. It takes patience and persistence to investigate and then provide action which includes support of both the target and the bully. It takes a commitment to do what is right for all parties involved in any bully situation. Link to the latest blog in the series on bullying at



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Facilitate Parental Involvement: Ask Questions

Recently I read Daniel Pink's new book, To Sell is Human. Pink writes extensively about how individuals in the Education and Medical professions sell everyday by motivating people to take action thatbenefits them or others. He argues that asking questions is a the most efficient method to achieve a purchase …


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Did You See That?

The third role in the bully tragedy is the bystander. This role is critical in either  empowering bullies or helping targets. Through the involvement or lack there-of of the bystander, he/she is either part of the problem or part of the solution. Learning about the bystander and how to empower the bystander to shift his/her thinking to a more active part of the tragedy (to be a witness and a change agent) is critical in changing the dynamic of this cultural problem. It is time to take a…


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Shame, Secrets, and Sorrow: The Target

The second player in the bullying trio is the bullied or the target. This article encourages parents to take a closer listen to what a child does not say rather than what he/she does and look around in awareness for signs that a child may be a target of bullying. Read the article at

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Do Girls Just Really Wanna Have Fun??

In this blog the dynamic of the girl-bully is given attention as the long term consequences to exposure to a girl-bully is devastating. What does a girl-bully look like? What are her primary bully tactics? How does a parent know if their daughter is a target of a girl-bully? These are inviting questions that need to be addressed. Visit the blog at for the article. Then let's engage in a discussion about…


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The Bully: One Third of the Tragedy

How do you identify a bully? Since knowing the common behaviors or characteristics of a bully is important in helping resolve this social issue, this information may be helpful to know. Visit


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Our Schools’ Responsibilities in Addressing Bullying and Harassment

The topic of bullying and harassment has been in the hot seat in education for several years. Interestingly enough, rather than getting easier to contol and/or manage, it is more difficult than ever because of technology access, a misunderstanding of what constitutes a bully or harassment situation, a cultural perspective that downplays such behaviors as "kids will be kids" or promotes (somewhat innocently even) that surviving a bully encounter is some "rite of passage" that all kids must…


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The Bully Epidemic: Understand this tragedy

Bullying is a community problem; a society problem; a problem for our entire culture. Adults sometimes minimize, trivialize, or even deny it. Schools develop policies to combat it, but it continues. Until we understand the dynamics of the participants in a bully situation, we are destined to continue this societal problem. This is the first in a series of articles on this hot topic. The foundational resources for this series include Iowa law regarding school district requirements and many…


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A Written Intervention Plan for Response to Intervention? YES!

This final installment of articles in the RtI series will bring together the components of RtI and show a written intervention plan from start to finish. As I read this case study, RtI became much easier for me to explain and "see" in my mind. The entire case study as well as additional information for parents about RtI can be linked to from the blog. This is great way to finish out our initial series of articles on Response to Intervention.…


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House Rules - a Novel

I was at the Des Moines library this past weekend looking for my next book to read. Now, I'm a huge Jodi Picoult fan and recently finished her novel "Plain Truth." Most of Picoult's books have to deal with the legal system in some way, shape, or form. I'd picked a random book of hers off the shelf and began reading its summary and was instantly compelled to bring the book home.

HOUSE RULES is about Jacob Hunt, a teenage boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. He’s hopeless at reading social…


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