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Everyone on FIND has a Comment Wall. Comment Walls are excellent for contacting FIND members who are not your friends. On FIND, you have to be friends with someone to private message them. If you wish to reach out to someone who hasn’t accepted your friend request, try leaving them a brief message on their profile. You’ll usually find the Comment Wall at the bottom of a person’s profile. 

If someone comments on your page, you can go to your profile to view the message. Click Comment Back to reply back, creating a thread of messages. The person will also be notified in their inbox of your comment.

To view all messages you’ve exchanged with a person click View Thread.

If the person is your friend and you wish to private message them, click Send Message

Please note: You have the option to approve comments that are posted to your profile page. You can find that option in site settings. 

Remember to click "Save" when you're finished modifying your settings.

If you have questions regarding the comment wall, please comment on this tutorial. 

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