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National Deaf Center Launches Online Game for Deaf Youth

  • Navigate real-life challenges. 
  • Develop self-determination skills.
  • Under stand your rights.

The NDC team is proud to introduce Deafverse, an interactive game that supports deaf youth with the development of their self-advocacy skills as they navigate real-life scenarios based on everyday experiences of deaf people. 

As deaf youth prepare for life after high school, feelings of anticipation and uncertainty are to be expected. Deafverse is based on choose your own adventure games, which offer a safe environment to apply critical thinking skills while engaging in problem-based learning by testing a variety of responses to challenges and conflicts. 

Deafverse takes place in a parallel universe, taking players on a journey through everyday settings with surprising twists and turns. World 1: Duel of the Bots asks players to navigate a typical high school in a small town with familiar character archetypes. The game’s exciting action, available in English and ASL, will keep players at the edge of their seats. 

Deafverse can be played on computers or mobile devices, and at no cost to players. This game can be used at home, school, transition programs, or vocational rehabilitation settings. 

Help NDC get the word out! Do you know any young deaf people? Share this video with them and have them follow @nationaldeafcenter on Instagram to stay updated with Deafverse. 

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