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Adapted Yoga for Kids with Disabilities

From the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability: 

Yoga has become a popular and beneficial activity for all ages and for good reason. For kids with a disability, in particular, yoga can help them breathe deeper, concentrate longer, and increase their self- confidence. In this video   (   you can see how yoga can be adapted for kids of all abilities. Watch as each move is demonstrated by a single individual and how that move might play out in a class setting. Yoga should always be viewed as an individual practice. The way one child may be able to demonstrate a pose may look completely different from another child. Allow each student to move freely through their own practice.

“Yoga is that one type of exercise that improves flexibility, core strength, and even balance. It seems to be one of the most complete and inclusive forms of exercise that we offer our kids of any age.”    -Lori Watkins, Recreation Coordinator at Lakeshore Foundation

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