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I want to personally introduce myself to the FIND community!

My name is Brianna Lewin and I am a Rural Rehabilitation/Assistive Technology Center Support Professional with Easter Seals Iowa. I started my position on April 30th, so I am very new to this! However, I am so excited to learn every single day and be able to offer support to our communities in Iowa with assistive technology.

My background is in social work and one of my many passions is aging & aging in place. I have also had the opportunity to work with diverse populations: older adults, refugees, individuals with intellectual disabilities and individuals with chronic mental illness. No matter what field I have had the honor to work in, I have seen the need for assistive technology. What I have already learned is that assistive technology is all around us and there are endless opportunities to empower individuals to use assistive technology, to complete anything from everyday tasks to a new hobby. Our lending library is an incredible resource for those interested in assistive technology. You are able to check out a device or tool with us and try it before making the decision to spend money or look for another option. We are here to support you and assist with new ideas and choices, so that you are able to find the best fit for you, with your specific needs and budget in mind.

I look forward to learning more every day at the Assistive Technology Center and cannot wait to share that information with others, so that no matter the barrier, an individual can feel confident in their tasks and goals every day.

If you have any questions, concerns or would just like to know more about assistive technology, reach out to us today!

For more information about Easter Seals Iowa Assistive Technology Program, call 1-866-866-8782 (Toll Free), 515-289-4069 (TTY) or (Email).

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