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Call Gov. Branstad right way and tell him not to veto the reduction of the waiting list of the Home Health Care Waivers!

The legislature approved $7 million to go towards reducing the waiting list of home health care waivers, including the Children's Mental Health Waiver, which provides essential services to children with serious mental illness [The Health and Human Services Budget (House File 2463)] . Please contact Govenor Brandstad right away and tell him why it is important that he does NOT veto this line of the budget this year (the way he vetoed it last year.) The waiting list is now over two years and the $7 million will reduce the waiting by about half. While it is not enough, it is a start and vetoing it will just make the waiting list even longer. Do you really want our children with serious mental health conditions waiting for 2-3 years for treatment that we know works? Let's give these children an opportunity for a successful future. Treatment prevents future incarceration, unemployment, and homelessness.
Call, write, fax, or e-mail the Governor now! Tell him not to veto the buy down of the Children's Mental Health Waiver waiting lists. Our children are counting on us!
Governor Brandstad 
1007 East Grand Ave. 
Des Moines, Iowa 50319 
Phone: 515.281.5211 
Fax: 515.725.3527 
Contact his advisor as well:

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