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In a world where anything and everything is online, your right to control your privacy is vital. On FIND, like other social networks, you can choose to share as much or as little as you decide. Here are some tips to control your privacy on FIND.

1) Consider using a pseudonym. Many FIND users choose to use their real name, much like they would on Facebook, but the great thing about FIND is you’re allowed to remain anonymous. We want FIND to be your safe haven, a place where you can feel comfortable sharing details that you may not feel comfortable sharing elsewhere. If you’ve already registered using your full name, you can change it at any time by clicking “Settings” and changing your “Full Name”.

2) Check your privacy settings.  FIND allows you to control what others on the network can and cannot see. In your settings, you will see a “Privacy” link underneath the “Profile” link. You have the ability to make content visible to anyone, those who are members of the FIND site, or just your friends. Some content you have the ability to make viewable to just you. You can also select the default option for who can comment on your blog posts. Note: We recommend that you allow everyone to comment on your blog posts, because this is how discussions are generated on FIND. You can also choose to approve comments before they’re published. To view your privacy settings, go to:

3) Connect to other social networking sites only if you’re comfortable. FIND allows you to connect your account to other social networking sites like Facebook, though we understand that many of our users come to FIND as an escape. Only connect FIND to Facebook or other social networks if you want members of those online social groups to see content you’ve posted on FIND.

4) Remember to log out of shared computers. You can find the log out button either in the top right corner or in the left sidebar.

5) Monitor children under 18. Children under eighteen are not allowed to have accounts on FIND, because we want to ensure their safety. If your child has something they want to share, they may use your account with your permission. If you suspect a FIND user is under age eighteen, please alert the FIND Support staff immediately.

6) Use good judgment when responding to private messages or accepting friend requests. The FIND Support staff cannot read your private messages. FIND users can only private message members who are their friends. We encourage users to make new friends on FIND, though you have the right to decline incoming friend requests. You may also “Block Messages” from users if they are bothering you. You can find this option in the left sidebar of a user’s profile.

If at any time you feel like you are being harassed or contacted inappropriately, please alert the FIND Support staff.

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