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Some people hate fishing - just the idea of it - but others live for it! If you or someone you know has never had the chance to find out if they like to fish or not, consider taking a fishing adventure this summer. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and their online support, can help you locate a fishing area near you and provide insight into the laws and restrictions in the area. To learn more about fishing in Iowa, visit

Below are some devices from the Assistive Technology Center Lending Library that may provide a more accessible fishing experience!

Pole-Lock Fishing Rod Holder (AT4all # 161861) allows individuals to fish without the burden of having to hold the fishing rod at all times. 

Strong-Arm Fishing Forearm Support (AT4all # 169510) adds strength for fishermen or fisherwomen who may experience limited dexterity.

Sit-Down Strikefighter (AT4all # 161865) secures to the fisherman or fisherwoman with three Velcro straps to provide control and support with minimal need for hands. 

For more information or to see these devices, visit or contact the Easter Seals Iowa Assistive Technology Program by calling 1-866-866-8782 (Toll Free), or 515-289-4069 (TTY) or emailing

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