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We had 3 boys prior to the 2 boys we have now. And these two boys we did adopt. 1 boy turned out to have Tourette Syndrome and the other boy doesn't. I wouldn't trade him for the world. The oldest son has decided to travel down a road that we don't really care to talk about. We just hope that some day (soon) he will wake up and realize how good it had it and how he threw his life away. But we can't do anything to change his mind. So, we continue to focus on the younger son. We help him with his TS to get an education that he needs. He has a job now and we are so proud of him. We are thankful that at least 1 of our boys will travel the right road.  

We have learned so much having a son with Tourette Syndrome. And we have meet a lot of GREAT families in Iowa too. Our son also became an youth ambassador for Tourette Syndrome. We got to travel to different school to spread awareness on TS. My son enjoys helping other kids with TS. So, we must of taught him right.

If it wasn't for adopting kids or even getting into foster care, our lives would of been childless. Out of 5 kids and only 1 took a different path, we are very lucky.

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