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There are multiple reasons why an individual may desire to be hands-free when using the computer. An individual may experience arthritis in the wrists that is worsened by the overuse of typing and mouse navigation; an individual may experience limited dexterity in the fingers which makes keying slow, difficult or painful; an individual may even simply prefer to speak instead of type or move their head instead of navigating with a mouse – whatever the experience or desire, there are options for the use of Assistive Technology!

GlassOuse is a Bluetooth head mouse that allows someone with limited hand control the opportunity to use computers and other Bluetooth capable devices by moving their head. [AT4All website number 167039].

To view a video demonstration of the GlassOuse published by School Health, please click the following YouTube link:

Tecla Shield is a small tri-colored wireless device that allows the user to control smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth devices through the external switches or joystick control of a power wheelchair. [AT4All website number 161523]

To view a demonstration of the Tecla Shield, published by Get Tecla, please click on the following YouTube link:


To view the devices discussed above, review additional details, or request a loan, please visit our AT4All website and enter item number, listed above, into the search box, or click the following web link:

If you are interested in connecting with me, personally, I can be reached at 515-309-2394 (Phone), 515-289-4069 (TTY), or (Email). 

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