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Okay this may not be the usual  AT post. I started thinking about this after seeing a current TV ad that has Kindergarten Maisey asking to sit and introducing herself on the school bus.  All students need to be ready to do that!!    As my daughter said the first day of kindergarten, "They are strangers, they are just friends I haven't met yet".  For students with communication disabilities, this might mean more than just coaching.  Think about having your child's communication device or board ready to make an introduction.  Maybe create a low tech solution like a key chain with the information or something slid into a notebook cover.  Maybe go high tech with an app, (not that apps are really high tech) so that their cell phone or ipad greets their friends or introduces them.   Pic-Z Tag is a fun and convenient nametag application that lets you identify yourself to others, while designed for a conference, it could be used for other events or settigns as well.  Assuming  a cellphone is owned and allowed at school,  enter their name and any introduction  information.  Also allows them to show off their high tech spin on the old nametag.  You can find it at the  iTunes store.


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