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How to Create a Blog with Pictures

Blogs are a great tools people all over the Internet use to communicate with each other.

What is a blog? It functions somewhat like a public journal. You can blog about virtually anything. Here are just a few examples:

  • Your family vacation story. 
  • Tips and tools you've learned. 
  • Your expertise and knowledge.
  • Your favorite assistive technologies. 
  • What has and hasn't worked for your child. 
  • Your child's hobbies. 

The list is endless. You can also share media (photos and videos) to liven up your blog posts. Write about whatever's on your mind - just remember: don't post anything you wouldn't want your mother to see! 

This tutorial will go over the basics on how to create a blog post with an image attached on FIND. You will find links to add a "Blog" in three locations: in the navigation bar, under "Latest Activity" on the home page, and on your profile page. These three links all have the same function. The quickest method to create a new blog post is to click "Blogs" in the navigation bar.

Once you've clicked on "Blogs," you'll be on the Blogs page. You may read other members' blog posts, or you can create your own blog. To add your own blog, click the "+ Add" button.

Now that you've launched the blog editor, you'll be able to title your post and write your blog post. If would like to add an image to your post, click on the little square image icon. This icon is circled in red below.

The "Add Image" popup will appear on your screen. You'll need to click "Choose File."

Now, you will have to navigate to where your photo is located on your computer. Before you begin searching for your photo. I personally recommend temporarily copying your picture to your desktop, so it's easy to locate. You can later delete the photo. The important thing is to remember the name of your picture so you can find it.

Windows 7 also has a handy tool called "Libraries," which makes it easier to organize your files. Earlier operating systems also have folders for your "Pictures." The picture I'm going to insert is located in my "Pictures" library. Once you've selected the picture, click "Open."

Now that you've selected your picture, you'll see that some options are no longer grayed out. You have the option to choose whether your picture will be left aligned, center aligned, right aligned, or full aligned. You can always go back and change these settings later. The setting I want to draw your attention to is the "width." Today's cameras often take very large pictures, which may stretch your blog post out. You can set your image to a certain width, and the site will automatically scare your image to that size. You won't want your image to be wider than 650 px. For now, I'm going to leave my image as is.

I've now resized my image, which you can do by clicking and dragging any of the corners inward. You'll need to also hold the "SHIFT" key on your keyboard while you're dragging the image with your mouse.

Once your blog is ready to share, you have one last step to do publishing your blog. If you scroll down, you will see the "Tags" text box. This is where you will type keywords that describe your blog, so your blog will be categorized by topic. Once you've done this, you can decide who will be allowed to view your post or add comments to your blog. It's recommended that you choose to leave your blog public that you allow everyone to comment on your blog - blogs are a great tool members can use to get to know each other!

If you have any further questions regarding blogs, do not hesitate to comment on this post or private message "FIND Support."

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