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How to Create a Group

Groups are a useful tool provided on FIND for members to gather in one area to discuss specified topics that are relevant to the group of individuals. Anyone can create a group on FIND, and this tutorial will go over how to do so.

First, go to the "Groups" tab in the navigation bar.

Next, click the "+" tab, which will appear next to your name.

The below image is your group set-up page. As you can see, you first must name your group. You may also upload an image, which might be your group’s logo. Click the camera under the word “image” to do so. Next, you should give your group a description so others will know what your group is about. You may also choose your group’s URL, which will be the link members will go to when accessing your group. (i.e.,

You may also choose your group’s privacy settings. If you select Everything (Public), then all members on FIND will be able to view your group and its postings. If you select Group Information only (private), then only your group’s members will be able to access the information posted in your group.

You can select which features will be accessible on your group. Comments allow other group members to comment on your group’s wall. A discussion forum will add your own discussion forum, where members can converse topics. A text box is a placeholder on the group’s page where members can add announcements. An RSS reader is a news feed that can feed information to your page.

You may also choose who can view your group. If you select “anyone,” then all members can view your group. If you choose “invited members,” then only individuals you invite will be able to view content within your group

When you’re done inputting your group's information, click “Add Group" at the bottom. (NOTE: If you click the "Cancel" button all the data you have inputted will be erased).

Once you’ve created your group, you will be brought to a page that asks you to invite people to join your group. Now, it’s important to understand that you can only invite individuals through the site if you’re friends with them. If you want to invite all your friends, simply select everyone who appears on your list or you may search their name in the top box.

However, if you wish to invite individuals who are not friends with you, you may invite them via email. You may import contacts from Gmail, Ymail, or Hotmail. You may also import contacts from an excel worksheet by selecting the gold book. Select the white envelope to send an email invite to any email address.

You may send up to 10,000 invites each month. Once you’ve added all the addresses you wish to send an email to, click “send invitations.” Now, you’ve successfully created a group! If you have questions regarding groups, please comment on this post and the FIND Support account will respond within 24 hours. 

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