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Live chats are a great way to meet and interact in real time with others on the network. This tutorial will describe how you can the live chat, and how to use the chat feature.

When the chat is enabled, you will see the "Chat" button in the navigation bar. Click on the "Chat" button.

Now, you'll have entered the chat. When you enter, there may be previous chats that appear. You are able to see previous chat history. If you leave in the middle of the chat and return later, the chat will continue to update with new messages.

To join in the chat, type your text in the text box at the bottom and click the "enter" button on your keyboard.

You can also add "smileys" to your messages.

You are also allowed to have private chats with other members who are online. To do so, double click on the person's name on the left. A new conversation will appear under "Active Coversations." You will be able to type your message to them.

To navigate back to group discussion, click on "Main Room."


When you've received a new message, a red number will appear by the person's name who has sent you the message.

Want to check other parts of FIND out but don't want to miss out on the chat? The chat will also appear on all pages on FIND. Expand the chat window by clicking on it. 

Click the two squares to allow the chat to "pop out" into a new window on your screen. Click the minus (-) button to minimize the chat. 

The sound control is in the lower right corner. You have the ability to control the sound by clicking the speaker icon. 

Do you want to browse FIND without joining the chat? Click the green circle to go "offline" from the chat. It will then turn red. If you want to re-join the chat later, just click the red circle.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this blog post or contact FIND Support.

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