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How to Search on FIND Members

Tutorial by Nicole Hill

FIND’s core function is the ability to connect families through social networking. We wanted individuals to be able to search for others in the disability community who have similar backgrounds and interests, and FIND provides this function. Learn how to search members using FIND’s Advanced Search feature in this tutorial. 

First, click on the “Members” tab in the navigation bar.

Click the Advanced Search” button link. 

Fill out the search form based on what you’re looking for. The more information you fill out, the more narrow your research results will be. Tip: You may want to keep your searches strictly disability-specific, 

Once you have finished selecting your search criteria, click the “Search” button. 

You will now see your search results! As you can see, 42 members have indicated they have experience with ADHD and Asperger's. You can click on their profile to comment on their profile page. Note: You must be friends with a person in order to private message them. Also note that FIND functions like any other social networking site. Members will receive an email notification telling them that you have messaged them. It is at each person's discretion to reply. 


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