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Camp Courageous and Courage League Sports have one spirit in common, courage.  Those with disabilities have many more challenges than those of us who do not have a disability.  Those with a disability learn to overcome challenges, break down barriers and prevail over adversity.  As I reference my dictionary it tells me "bravery."  I think that sums it up well.

As I dropped my daughter off at Camp Courageous a week ago, she was going to be spending 5 days without family, and it was the first time ever.  As we said our "good-byes" she turned and re-arranged her Mickey Mouse on top of her bed.  I think it took courage for her to cheerfully tell us as her parents that it was time for us to go.  As the week wore on, that cheerfulness obviously dissipated, as evidenced by the phone call from her counselor asking how she could help her to not be homesick.  However, surprisingly enough, at the end of the week when I picked her up and asked about coming back next year, she jumped up and said "yes!"  

I was so pleased with the camp!  We were greeted by a counselor as we stepped out of the car.  Check in and check out was extremely well organized and smooth.  The cabin was clean and well maintained. The staff was abundant and were all friendly and helpful.  I was also very impressed with the nursing staff and facilities. I was very hesitant about leaving my daughter at camp, but I would definitely recommend Camp Courageous. It is in a beautiful part of our state in Monticello, Iowa.  Canoeing, riding the zip line, camping in a tent overnight, karaoke, and a carnival were all part of her week.  

Courage League sports is next on my to do list.  I have heard many recommendations from parents about what a great organization this is.  In closing, one more recommendation. Explore the Iowa Compass website.  This site is full of resources and recommendations for parents of those with a child with a disability.  From transportation to recreation, there is something for everyone!

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Comment by Matt Bockert on June 30, 2014 at 10:35pm
It's great that your daughter was able to have such a good time. I had heard of Camp Courageous before, but not Courage League Sports. My brother played baseball for many years with the Pioneer Baseball League in Des Moines. They're a co-ed league for people under 18 with disabilities. They do a great job of making adaptions for the needs of each player so everyone gets to play and feel included.
Comment by Joanna Schroeder on June 20, 2014 at 3:41pm

Lisa - what a great story about courage! I hope that other parents read this and it helps them to consider enabling their family members and children to try something courageous. I have a friend whose son plays t-ball in the Courage League sports and he absolutely loves it and so do all the parents, fans and friends that watch them play and cheer them on - including me.

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