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Transition planning begins at 14 years old.  I know that seems to be way ahead of the game.  However, according to special ed law, transition must be addressed at this age.  I know that the fall seems like a long ways off, but it will be here before you know it.  For those of you whose child will soon be reaching this age, educators will present you with some new language when you sit down for your IEP meeting. There are three components to transition; living, learning, and working.  Each area should be addressed on the IEP. To prepare yourself and to make the most of your time when you sit down for this meeting, scroll through the transition guide that is attached below.  It is a wealth of excellent information.  Don't let the size of the document scare you off, it most definitely contains information that will be very relevant to you and your child.   

In preparation for thinking about making the most of your child's transition planning, think of some of the items below that you can start now for "living":

  • Transportation: Does your child have either a driver's permit or if that is not appropriate, does your child have a state issued ID card?
  • Technology: Does your child have access to a computer?  Do they know how to email?  Does your child have a cell phone and know how to text?
  • Finances: Does your child have his or her own checking account or debit card?  Personally, we started with cash and a checking account to familiarize our daughter what the value of money was before moving up to using a debit card.  
  • Cooking: Does your child understand fractions?  Recipes use fractions.  Begin teaching about fractions the next time you have a pizza or cut into a pie.
  • Safety:  Is your child able to give their phone number and address?  When we take our dog for a walk in the neighborhood, we stop at corners and I have my daughter tell me what streets we are on and we talk about how if she got lost, the names of the streets are what to tell someone to help them find her.

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