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Making the Most of Your Group on FIND

Groups can be a powerful, useful connection tool when used correctly. This tutorial will describe how you can get the most out of your FIND group. 

Tip 1: Options

Know that after your group is created, you can always edit it. All you have to do is click Options and then Edit Group. To make your group stand out, you should also include a photo an image avatar. The ideal image size is 200x200. You can edit this image at any time. 

You have the option to make other users group administrators. Click Manage Group Members to edit your group members' roles. It may be beneficial to appoint another member as an administrator if you have a private group, so someone else will have the ability to approve new members when you are not available.  You can also suspend troublesome members from your group.

 You also have the option to message the entire group. Note: This option should only be used on rare occasions, and only when you, the group administrator, are searching for a private response. Members cannot “reply all” to private messages. It is more effective to post on the comment wall or discussion forum if you are looking to have a group conversation.

Tip 2: Featured Text Boxes

Featured text boxes allow you to highlight discussions your group is having, post important resources, or include a greeting for your members. What you choose to feature is up to you. You can also include a photo or video. You also have the option to rename the title of this section. Click Edit to edit your featured text box. 

Tip 3: Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are way to have detailed conversations with others in your group. You can have several conversations in discussions about a variety of topics at once. Posts show up on the site in real-time, so it’s similar to having a conversation in person or via email.

Here’s how to get started:

First, you can edit how your discussion forum will display. You can choose to have it display in a detailed view, which will display the first characters of a discussion. You can also choose to have only the titles appear. After you’re done editing your display mode, click Save.

You can click the titles of each thread (discussion topics), and you’ll be able to view the topic. If you wish to add a new discussion, click Add a Discussion. You can also view all of the discussions in your groups by clicking View All.


The discussion forum is a great place to have multiple discussions on a variety of topics 

To reply to a topic, all you have to do is type your response in the text box and then click “Add Reply.” You can add pictures, videos, and attachments (including PDF files) to your posts. 

Tip 4: Comment Wall

Your group also has a comment wall, where members can leave comments and ask questions. This is just another way to communicate with others in the group. 

If you have questions about your group, please message FIND Support or respond to this post.

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