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Occupational Therapy Student Blog: Emily Mock

Earlier this month, we hosted two Drake Occupational Therapy students at Easter Seals Iowa through their fieldwork experience. This week and next, we will feature their experiences on FIND: 

"My name is Emily Mock. I am a first-year Occupational Therapy student at Drake University. I am completing one of my week-long fieldwork experiences at Easter Seals with my classmate Nolan.

I had the best time at Easter Seals this week for my pediatric fieldwork experience! I loved being able to see the resources available through Easter Seals and how they are able to serve so many Iowans. My favorite part of the week was observing at the Child Development Center. We went to each of the rooms and watched the children and staff engage in their typical activities. After, Nolan and I created an Assistive Technology (AT) ideas. This allowed us to use our OT lens to think critically, but also made us look at how each room and child was individual. We came up with potential AT that the classrooms could use, but recognized that further input from staff and children for the AT was needed to make the most successful impact. Throughout the week it was fun to hear from Kim and other staff about their thought process behind various topics and relate it back to how OT looks at these same things. Overall, I thought this was a super beneficial experience and I will walk away being a better future practitioner."

If you are interested in learning more about Easter Seals Iowa, please contact us at call 1-866-866-8782 (Toll Free), 515-289-4069 (TTY) or (Email). 

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