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The OrbiTouch is new key board that you might think about if a regular keyboard doesn't work.

The 2 domes are moved to type a letter.  The left dome moves to a color. The right moves to a group of letters  zone.     So for C - green on the left and Cgreen on the right dome = C.  Once the two domes reach their positions, the character is typed. It does not matter which dome is moved first - they can be moved together or separately.  YES, it will take time to learn, kind of like a new language if you already type on a regular keyboard.  So might work best for a child who hasn't used a regular keyboard, or not much. They say it takes about 20 hours to get good at using the device, although you can start right away.  YOu can see several videos of the OrbiTouch at  or go to  

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