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Order Books for next year??? YES --- NOW

It is already time to order alternative format textbooks for the 2017-2018 school year!

It takes time to get all the books across the state ready for the start of school. They cannot all be done in August.

Alternative formats include Braille, large print, audio and digital text. Simply put, if your child doesn't have the textbook when school starts >>> how are they going to learn, keep up and get a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE)

 Teachers and IEP/504 teams should order the textbooks now for next year, or ASAP so there is a smooth transition to the next grade and classes.

 How will they know what to order? Schools should order standard grade level books now and any others as soon as they are identified as needed. For example, elementary schools can order the textbooks for students’ grade-related subjects, such as social studies or science. Middle or high school students might not have their schedules yet, but their schools will know many of the required classes for each grade level, like Math, English or science. Schools may be able to confirm electives in advance (as a reasonable IEP accommodation) so alternative format textbooks can be provided in a “timely manner” to students who need them. Remember that the Iowa Department of Education has defined “in a timely manner” as the same time as other students. Follow-up as needed for other textbooks that may be identified later.

 More information about Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) and the school’s responsibilities can be found in  “AIM Basics for Families” found at . This booklet is available in English and Spanish.

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