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Please give your input on priorities for children's mental health advocacy

As the NAMI IOWA Children's Mental Health Committee (CMHC)  works to finalize our advocacy agenda for the upcoming legislative session, we are looking for input from families and professionals working with children with mental health needs. Please take the time to fill out the following survey:

There will also be an open meeting of the CMHC on September 28 from 3:30-5:00 at 1105 Gilbert Ct., Iowa City to get community input and discuss strategy. All are welcome. 
Please see our website (at the bottom) for a link to a current list of resources, events, support groups and advocacy opportunities.  We would love to see this resource made available to parents through school newsletters or electronic backpacks - please share it with your local school and let us know if they will post it (so we can keep track.)
I would specifically like to point out some two upcoming activities for kids: Our NAMI KIDS Advocacy through Art program (attached) and NAMI KIDS Team in the upcoming NAMI IOWA Walks.
On our website you can also find a link to a PDF version of NAMI IOWA CHILDREN"S MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES, a very useful book with for families and professionals, particularly the fact sheets on various Childhood Disorders and Behavioral Challenges. 
Please share the survey and the attached information in this e-mail with your networks of families, educators, and service providers as we are trying to reach every Iowa family that can use support and all those wonderful people who work with and support our children.
Also, please let us know of any programs that you are doing in your area with Children's Mental Health so we can advertise and support your work.
Tammy Nyden
Chair, NAMI IOWA Children's Mental Health Committee
5911 Meredith Drive, Suite E 
Des Moines, IA 50322-1903

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