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The Easter Seals Iowa Assistive Technology Center Lending Library has a variety of devices for use in the pool.

Aquatic Balancing Stabilizing Bar (AT4All # 169536) This lightweight stabilizer bar provides added resistance in pool-settings. This device may support swimmers to keep their balance during aquatic activities.

Aqua Ring for Aquatic Walking (AT4All # 170173) The Aqua Ring Floats are designed for adults and children who need assistance when walking in water but are able to support themselves in upright positions.

Danmar Delta Swim System (AT4All # 169531) The Delta Swim System may provide swimmers with postural balance with arm-movement freedom. This pediatric aquatic system is designed with removable pieces that can be adjusted with swimmer’s progress.

For more information or to see these devices, visit or contact the Easter Seals Iowa Assistive Technology Program by calling 1-866-866-8782 (Toll Free), or 515-289-4069 (TTY) or emailing

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