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Okay – admit it, we’ve all had issues with school, gym and bike locks and padlocks. So many to the left, twice around and then to the left or is that right? Was that twice around or three times? 

There are some solutions to this age old problem!!  The right choice will depend on your child’s needs and the school locker set up. All of these are reasonably priced as an IEP accommodation that allows your student independence and security or locker items.


Lockers with built in locks

Master locker locks has many options for your student.  The standard dial lock can be replaced with ones that use a key which assists the student with fine motor, vision or memory issues. There are also locker locks with a keypad. Keyless locks are able to be programmed and can be used with control cards, existing badges, or ID cards.

Lockers using a separate padlock

Master Smooth Spin has  Large numbers and increments makes finding combinations easy.

Master Lock Wide Speed Dial Model No. 1500iD use up-down-left-right movements instead of numbers on a dial. You can see video of this on the Master Lock site or youtube.

iFingerlock uses a finger print instead turning a dial (of very small numbers and hash marks)


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