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Stigma- Attitude or belief that lead people to reject, avoid, and fear those that they perceive as different.

Public Stigma- Attitudes & Feelings expressed by the general public towards people living with mental illness.

Self Stigma- The belief that you are weak or damaged, because of an illness. 

What you can do to help

- Language Matters (Words expressed.)

- Educate yourself (You are right now, keep on looking for information to help you & others.)

- Be Kind (Imagine yourself in one's shoes, because you don't know until you are.)

- Listen & Ask (Listen to other's stories, ask questions to educate yourself)

- Talk about it (Don't keep it inside, embrace it! You are who you are! Take Pride, in yourself and the other people around you)

Language Examples


- Crazy

- Lunatic

- Deficent

- Loony

- Wacko

- Explaining one, by their disability

- Schizo

- Handicapped Person

- Slow

- Low Functioning

- Normal


- Mental Illness

- Person with Depression

- Person with Schizopherina

- Person with a disabliity

- Person with struggles, who are in need of support.

- Person with cognitive disabliities

- Non disabled Person

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