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Strength Training and Assistive Technology

If an individual struggles with hand or arm strength, they may experience barriers when trying to lift weights or exercise. Easter Seals Iowa Assistive Technology Program may have possible solutions with some of our newest recreational assistive technology. Here are some items that may assist with grip, to encourage strength, health and wellness:

Kettle Gryp (AT4All #170071) – The Kettle Gryp is a workout accessory that weighs less than one pound and can grip onto standard dumbbells up to 55 pounds. This provides a more accessible handle to hold onto while using weights in the gym and focusing on strength.

Egg Shaped Hand Exercise Balls (AT4All #170069) - These colorful fidget balls in three levels of progression help you focus, relieve stress and train hands and wrists. Egg shaped for a comfortable fit in your hands, these are made of thermoplastic rubber (TRP). They help to prevent tension, increase limberness and alleviate joint pain. Also great for incremental muscle training for beginner power lifters or an anti-stress toy for kids.

Active Hands Gripping Aids (AT4All ##170081) - These aids function by tightening a strap on the upper section which pulls the hand into a fist-shape with the item inside the fist. Whether lifting weights or assisting with pull ups, the gripping aid may be the perfect solution. Easter Seals has left hand and right hand options available.

Active Hands Looped Exercise Aids (AT4All #170224) - Looped exercise aids feature strong loops which can be slipped over the handles of some exercise machines, e.g. ‘pull down bars’ and rowing machines. They can also be a great extra for some hand bikes. Looped aids feature adjustable padded wrist straps to prevent chafing.

We hope that you will visit our website at and view these devices. For more information or to see these devices, visit or contact the Easter Seals Iowa Assistive Technology Program by calling 1-866-866-8782 (Toll Free), or 515-289-4069 (TTY) or emailing

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