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While this is written about ALS, it would also work to voice bank for any progressive disease  OR   to have a child’s voice for your child.

With some diseases progresses, like ALS, many lose the ability to speak.  While it is possible to use a variety of communication devices, losing your personal voice can be devastating.  A new strategy called “voice banking” allows people who know that their voices will deteriorate to preserve their own words and phrases electronically and download them into voice files in compatible communication applications on an Apple iPad. This strategy allows people living with ALS to type in a word on a communication application and have the speech output in their own voices.

The iPad and communication applications such as these have given one gentleman served by ALS Association a chance to communicate with his friends and family with ease even though his ALS is progressing.  For a person living with ALS, there is no greater gift than to hear your voice in conversation after you have lost the ability to speak. The iPad has given him greater access to community living and information technology.  It can be used at home as well as in the community.  It allows for greater independence and unlimited access to information, thus reducing the risk of isolation that often accompanies a disease like ALS.


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