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About FIND

FIND (Families of Iowa Network for Disabilities) is an interactive social networking site designed to give families of youth with disabilities a new way to make connections. 

Why should I join? 

Here are just a few of the things you can do as a member:

  • FIND and connect with other parents with similar issues, interests, and experiences.
  • FIND current information about events and trainings across the state of Iowa.
  • FIND family resources. 
  • FIND a mentor or become a mentor to another parent.
  • FIND and build a strong sense of community with other families.
  • FIND and share ideas, advice, and support.
  • FIND, create, and join groups of interest.
  • FIND opportunities to learn about disability issues and build new skills. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does FIND cost to join? 

It's free! FIND is funded by a grant from the Iowa Department of Education and managed by ASK Resource Center. This grant allows for this site to remain free to members.

What are live chats?

Live chats are real-time discussions held on FIND in the chat room. You are free to start a live chat with anyone online, although FIND staff also holds scheduled chats on specific topics and invites guest chatters online to facilitate these chats. FIND chats are always free to join and are open to everyone, although we try to schedule chats in conjunction with a specific training or webinar. FIND chats are a great way to get questions answered if you're unable to attend a training that may be of interest to you. 

How do I join a chat?

Refer to this tutorial

What if there's a chat I really want to attend but can't?

If you have questions that you would like to see discussed, you can always private message FIND Support prior to the chat.

All scheduled chat logs are posted in the Live Chat Logs group. 

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Want to learn more about FIND? Watch this short overview of the home page:

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If you have questions, contact ASK Resource Center at (800) 450-8667.

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